Module 1
Thermodynamics Basic concepts and definitions, Gas laws, specificheat – Universal gas constant – Isothermal, adiabatic and polytropic processes, work done and heat transferred Carnot, Otto & Diesel Cycles – air standard efficientcy.
Module 2
I.C. Engines Working of two stroke and four stroke engines – petrol and diesel engines – fuel systems, injector and carburetor – ignition system – lubrication and cooling systems.
Refrigeration and air-conditioning methods of refrigeration – vapour compression and vapour absorption systems – block diagrams and general descriptions – winter and summer air conditioning systems – general description.
Module 3
Power transmission Methods of transmission – belt, rope, chain and gear drives. Fields of application, calculation of length of belt – expression for ratio of belt tension. Velocity ratio and slip – simple problems – velocity ratio and choice of gear wheels – simple problems.
Module 4
Power plants General layout of hydraulic, diesel, thermal and nuclear power plants, nonconventional energy sources, general description only.
Types of hydraulic turbines – selection of turbines depending upon head, discharge and specific speed – steam turbines – reaction and impulse turbines – compounding methods.
Module 5
Simple description of general purpose machines like lathe, shaping machines, drilling machine, milling machine and grinding machine.
Manufacturing process moulding and casting, forging, rolling, welding – arc welding – gas welding (simple descriptions only)
mgu b.tech syllabus
1. Elements of Hear Engines      R.C.Patel
2. Thermal Engineering       P.L.Bellany
3. Elements of Mechanical Engineering    S.Domkundwar
4. Power Plant Engineering      Nagpal
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