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MG University S7 computer Science and Engineering B.Tech Syllabus 
Introduction to Computer Graphics: Basic concepts in Computer Graphics – Applications of Computer Graphics, Interactive Graphics system – Raster scan and Random scan systems – Generating a raster image, Application of raster scan graphics. Video Display Devices, Display processors – Display files – graphical input & output devices.
Module 2
2D Graphics: Line drawing algorithms – DDA, Bresenham’s – Bresenham’s Circle drawing algorithm – 2D Transformations, Clipping – Line clipping – Polygon Clipping, Windowing.
Module 3
3D Graphics: 3D display methods, 3D Object Representation – Polygon Surfaces – Quadratic surfaces – Spline Representations – Bezier Curves and Surfaces – B-Spline Curves and Surfaces, 3D Transformations.
Module 4
3D Rendering: Three-Dimensional Viewing – Projections, Clipping, Visible Surface Detection – Classification of Visible surface detection algorithms – Back-face Detection, Depth- Buffer Method, Scan-line Method.
Surface Rendering Methods-Basic illumination Models – Polygon–rendering Methods, Gouraud Shading, Ray-Tracing Methods.
Module 5
Advanced Technologies: Fractals – Classification of Fractals – Self-Squaring Fractals, Animation- Raster Animation, Morphing.
Text Book
1. Computer Graphics (C version) – Donald Hearn & Pauline Baker (Pearson Education Asia)
1. Computer Graphics – Donald Hearn & Pauline Baker (Prentice Hall of India)
2. Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics – William .N. Newman, Robert .F. Sproull (second edition), McGraw Hill edition
3. Computer Graphics Principles & Practice -Foley, VanDam, Feiner, Hughes (second edition in C), Addison Wesley
4. Fundamentals of Computer graphics & multimedia- D. P. Mukherjee, Prentice Hall of India
5. Java 2 complete reference – Herbert, Schildt, Tata McGraw Hill
6. Computer Graphics – Roy A Plastack & Gordon Kally (Schanmi Series McGraw Hill edition)