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Module 1
Introduction of Engineering Graphics drawing instruments and their uses – familiarization with current, Indian standard code of practice for general engineering drawing.
Scales – plain scale – vernier scal – diagonal scale.
Conic sections – construction of ellipse, parabola, hyoperbola and rectangular hyperbola. Construction of cycloids, involute, archimedian spiral and logarithmic spiral – drawing tangents and normals to these curves.
Module 2
Introduction to orthographic projections planes of projection – projection of points in different quadrants. Orthographic projection of straight lines parallel to one plane and inclined to the other plane – straight lines inclined to both the planes – true length and inclination of lines with reference planes – traces of lines – projection of planes.
Module 3
Projection of polyhedra and solids of revolution – cubes, prisms, cones, cylinders, pyramids, tetrahedron, octahedron and sphere – frustums.
Projection of solids with axis parallel to one plane and parallel, perpendicular of inclined to the other plane – projection of solids on auxiliary planes.
Sections of solids by planes inclined to horizontal or vertical planes.
Module 4
Development of surfaces of cubes, prisms, cylinders, pyramids and cones – development of funnels and pipe elbows.
Introduction to isometric projection – isometric scale – isometric views – isometric projections of prism, pyramids, cylinders, cones and spheres.
Module 5
Introduction to prespective projections prespective views of prisms.
Intersection of surfaces – methods of determining lines of intersection – intersection of prism, cylinder in cylinder.
mgu university b.tech syllabus
1. Elementary Engineering Drawing – N.D.Bhatt.
2. Geometrical Drawing – P.S.Gill.
3. Geometrical Drawing – V.Lakshmi Narayanan & M.C.Marhur
4. Engineering Graphics – P.I.Varghese & K.C.John